Mystik und Magie der afro-kubanischen Religion /Mystery and Magic of Afro-Cuban Spirituality

Anthony Caronia, Ania Rodriguez Alonso


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German, English

  • ISBN: 978-3-7165-1624-9
  • Pages: 160
  • Binding: Hardcover with dust jacket
  • Published: 5/2010
  • Illustrations: 96 illustrations
  • Dimensions: 24.5 x 30.5 cm

With texts by Anthony Caronia and Ania Rodríguez Alonso

Mystical Cuba in impressive images

A four year long research preceded this black-and-white photographic documentary into the mysterious world of Afro-Cuban religion. Anthony Caronia´s images firmly express the contrasts and beauty of the mythical world of the Cuban temple-homes, humble abodes with an area reserved for the worship of the divine, natural forces in the shape of orishas, spirits, ancestors or saints. Throughout his images we time and again perceive the density of deeply rooted rituals, the strength of ceremonies that are repeated generation after generation and that evoke visions that take us back to the very forging of the Cuban identity. The purpose of this photo project is to carefully report on a complex religion, its different ceremonies and rich folklore; a window into a magical world, a world where African spirits manifest their presence in everyday Cuban life. A historical introduction by Ania Rodríguez Alonso and descriptions of the religious rites and beliefs accompany the photos.


Anthony Caronia

Anthony Caronia, born in 1968 in Rome, studied Photography in New York and Rome.

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Ania Rodriguez Alonso

Ania Rodríguez Alonso, born in 1977 in Havana, studied Art History at the University of Havana and is currently curator and art critic. 

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