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Triennale Valais / Wallis 2017

Marcel Henry, Raphaël Brunner (Editor)


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German, French, English

  • ISBN: 978-3-7165-1843-4
  • Binding: Two Volumes with accompanying booklet and map
  • Published: 8/2017
  • Dimensions: 14 x 21 cm

Art at highway rest areas

Highway rest areas are usually art-free zones, but the “Relais du Saint-Bernard“ on the A9 is an exception. It has been selected by curators Simon Lamunière, Véronique Mauron and Julia Hountou as the prime location for the TRIENNALE Valais / Wallis 2017. It’s a paradoxical setting where nature, mobility, consumption and freedom come together in which the works of thirty international, Swiss and local artists will be created and installed.

The exhibition at this extraordinary spot offers the chance to venture off well-trodden and clearly defined paths and glimpse what lies beyond the gleaming surfaces of the cultural business that has become increasingly trapped by rigid, habituated practices. Taking the form of a guidebook, this publication presents and explains the exhibited works in two volumes, one with images, one with texts. Furthermore, it includes a map of the location as well as a booklet on the Valais art institutions that are responsible for this remarkable art triennial.


Marcel Henry

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Raphaël Brunner

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