Franz Fedier: Gesammelte Schriften

Gottfried Boehm, Heinz Stahlhut, Barbara Zürcher (Editor)


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  • ISBN: 978-3-7165-1874-8
  • Pages: 160
  • Binding: Hardcover
  • Published: 5/2022
  • Illustrations: 30
  • Dimensions: 19,5 x 25,5 cm

Thoughtful, Wise, Enlightening

The radical avant-gardist Franz Fedier is one of the most important figures of abstract painting in Switzerland. Yet, he was not only a practicing artist, but also a theoretical thinker. Throughout his life, but especially in his later years, he put his in-depth thoughts on art and being an artist down in writing.

The thematic breadth of the interviews, reflections, and analyses corresponds to the formal character of his texts: from art-theoretical reflections to ironic confrontations with the work of predecessors and contemporaries, or texts of an almost lyrical character, and certainly with moments of humor. From the multitude of these writings, the editors have made a representative selection, which will be juxtaposed with an overview of Fedier's artistic work in the publication around his 100th birthday with illustrations of works from all creative phases.


Gottfried Boehm, Heinz Stahlhut, Barbara Zürcher

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