Berlin Bent

An Artist Vision of the Metropolis

Rudolf Stüssi


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  • ISBN: 978-3-7165-1879-3
  • Pages: 160
  • Binding: Hardcover
  • Release: 9/2024
  • Illustrations: 120

Berlin has never been seen from such perspectives

Of course Berlin is “bent", and how. A very special artistic interpretation is the work of Rudolf Stüssi, who brings the craziness, individuality and liveliness of the metropolis to the point. The artist dynamizes the world he observes, his moving pictorial spaces oscillate virtuously between past and present, between the everyday and the fantastic. He transforms what he has seen and experienced in his pictorial motifs from over 30 years.

They are oblique because the painter depicts them in what he describes as a "5th perspective", which lends the pictures a lively physicality and gives reality a "pleasant wobble". This atmospheric movement enlivens everything, but also points to the impermanence of our world. Autobiographical stories run through the book and convey Stüssi's relationship to the respective places on a second and very personal level.

"For me, art is communication. Everything else is too elitist."


Rudolf Stüssi

Painter and author Rudolf Stüssi, born in Zurich studied and worked as an artist in Ottawa and Toronto, London, Florence and Mexico, among other places - he was active for many years as an art director in the animated film industry, president of the Canadian Watercolor Society, taught and illustrated numerous children's books.

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