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Our Bestsellers

  • Moments


    Landscape photography as art form: an homage to nature

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  • Power Book

    Power Book

    Of power and light – fascinating insights into the cathedrals of the modern age

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  • The Tarot Garden

    The Tarot Garden

    In a riot of colour and rife with fantasy Niki de Saint Phalle has created an ensemble of 22 monuments in Tuscany.

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  • Swiss Press Photo 13

    Swiss Press Photo 13

    The best in Swiss photography 2012

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  • Swiss Wilderness

    Swiss Wilderness

    Stunning photographs of untouched native Swiss landscapes

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  • China's Vanishing Worlds

    China's Vanishing Worlds

    A photographic essay on the disappearance of cultural spaces and traditions in rural China

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  • Time in Flux

    Time in Flux

    An unforgettable journey between high-tech ports and idyllic scenery

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  • My Swiss Cows

    My Swiss Cows

    A TV chef turned photographer! These beautiful pictures come with exclusive milk- and cheese recipes

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  • Iconic Posters - Poster Icons

    Iconic Posters - Poster Icons

    The poster as a document of contemporary history

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